Specialists at the UPA have decades of experience in setting up dope, functional studios. They know how frustrating it can be if something isn’t working with the flow. With the right knowledge and a bit of time to set things up once and for all, your studio can operate at the highest level possible, always ready when you are.

Get one on one advice from leading professionals on optimizing your studio to boost productivity.

We offer definitive solutions to these common issues:

  • Cabling and routing for patchbay, mixer, and ADC/DAC
  • Template setups for your DAW
  • Technical problems with the setup of your Audio or MIDI hardware
  • Understanding your setup and applying the best workflow for your production goals
  • Best practices for transfer in hybridized digital / analog systems.
  • Studio ergonomics – ensuring you can work hard, fluidly and painlessly.

We can arrive promptly at your location (in person or online if appropriate) and absolutely solve the issues you are dealing with.  Because of our experience we can do it quickly and efficiently, and we’ll show you how to continue on your own.

Fill out your info below and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.

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